To be Sung

To be Sung

In 2001 Fie, Eva and Elisa -they met each other at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam where they all graduated- started their very own journey for mostly contemporary repertoire in which the warm and expressive sound of their lyrical instruments could melt together, creating the unique sounding performances they are known for.

Besides established pieces, To be Sung performs music especially commissioned, composed with their exceptional instrumental combination in mind. They are regularly approached by inspired composers and other artists from around the globe.

In the Netherlands To be Sung have played in diverse venues and festivals. In 2004 they created a performance with two dancers for the festival OPENING! (Trier, Germany) and in 2007 they played at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (UK).
In 2006 they toured with their project 'Amsterdam, de Wereld', for which To be Sung invited seven composers with a physical connection to the metropolis Amsterdam. With their divers musical backgrounds they composed new pieces, that, just like the city itself, are infused with influences from cultures far-away and closer to home.
This programm is recorded on CD (label: Karnatic Lab Records).

In 2010 To be Sung presented their series 'Shorts' with four different themes, all premiered in special venues in Amsterdam:
1.Poëzie-café: a program with Dutch poet Tjitske Jansen
2.Mediterranean Melodies: old and new music from the Mediterranea
3.Shorts!: contemporary miniatures, written for To be Sung
4.Mr. 2B Sung: a spectacle with music and animation film by Michiel van Dijk and Sjeng Schupp alias Vinex Productions

Also in 2010, To be Sung went for concerts and workshops to Indonesia on invitation by the Dutch cultural embassy (Erasmushuis Jakarta) and the Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival.

Elisa Roep - soprano,
Eva van de Poll - violoncello,
Fie Schouten - clarinets