Ear Massage

Ear Massage

Four percussionists from Latin America residing in Holland created Ear Massage in November 2004. Specializing in contemporary percussion music repertoire, EM encompasses a wide range of styles and genres. By combining theatrical elements, dance and improvisation with both western and ethnic instruments the result in an extremely versatile ensemble. With its mix of influences EM presents a unique quality of warmth and astonishing interpretation.

Third Prize at International Percussion Quartet Competition, Luxembourg 2005.

The group is committed to working in close collaboration with composers, commissioning new pieces as well as creating its own works. Their members perform with chamber music ensembles such as: Percussion Group The Hague, ATLAS Ensemble, Nieuw Ensemble, Ziggurat, Axyz Ensemble, Soil, The Barton Workshop, Modelo 62 and The Electronic Hammer. They have also been invited to collaborate with ASKO Ensemble, Anumadutchi, Ives Ensemble, Amsterdam Percussion Group, Camerata de las Américas and Tambuco among others. Their performances range from electro-acoustic music to live electronics and video. EM has performed throughout The Netherlands and at festivals such as Taipei International Percussion Convention 2005; Junio Musical Mexico 2006, Majestic Drum Festival VII Hong Kong 2006, and CHINCH Festival Belgrade 2006.

Ear Massage Percussion Quartet is sponsor artist for SABIAN and ADAMS.