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KLR 014

Released April 2007

Amsterdam, de wereld
To be Sung

With this mixture of Amsterdam compositions, adventurous new work is added to the warm and expressive sound world of To be Sung, creating another unique sounding performance they are known for. In Levelt you feel sweeping Balkan rhythm, Wullur disarms with Indonesian children’s songs. Haiku wisdom is revealed in Visser and a yet secret love between Sahin’s parents in Turkey is soaring...

1.Verbo10 (2004) Tobias Klein
2. Elif’e Mektuplar (2006) Timuçin Sahin
3. 711 Steps (2006) Albert van Veenendaal
4-6. Indonesian Folksongs (2006) Sinta Wullur
7-10. Haiku (2005) Dick Visser
11. Zagadka (2006) Gijs Levelt
12. Cocteau and the Equilibrist (2006) Maarten Ornstein
note: all written for To be Sung

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