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modern, classical, world

KLR 020

Released August 2009

Medcezir - Ebb and Flow
Axyz Ensemble

Medcezir is a unique project where thousands of years of Anatolian cultural heritage meet modern music. Turkish traditional instruments, western-classical instruments and electronic music all come together to form a broad palette of sound and style. The carefully selected program consists of new works from Turkish composers, careful arrangements of authentic folk melodies, classical Turkish music pieces and unique solo improvisations. Further, an integral part of Medcezir is how the pieces on this double CD are voiced uninterruptedly one after another, creating the arch of a single large composition.
Continuously undulating between the simplest folk melodies and the most modern compositions, the music of Medcezir has a dynamic structure. It is old and new, simple and complex, mechanical and emotional, relaxed and excited.
Medcezir was created in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in collaboration between the Karnatic Lab Foundation, the Kulsan Foundation and the Turkish/Dutch composer Selim Dogru. To bring this project to life, some of Turkey’s best musicians were chosen to perform with Holland’s Axyz ensemble.

This album is also available at cdbaby and at iTunes.