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KLR 022

Released November 2009

Sebastian Borsch

From out of the dark depths of the clarinet family surfaces the contrabass clarinet as a solo instrument, filling in the few remaining white spots south on the map of sound. Perhaps even the most experienced ears will become aware of these sounds for the very first time, like a new flavour never before tasted. Sebastian Borsch, specialist not only in playing, but also in making and maintaining these gleaming, vibrating tubes, presents an outstanding programme of music specially composed for this deliciously low instrument…

Anubis/Nout - Gerard Grisey
Maknonan - Giacinto Scelsi
Golem - Giorgio Colombo Taccani
Ombra - Franco Donatoni
Flux - Eberhard Eyser
Pièce pour violon et clarinette - Claude Vivier (Swantje Tessmann - violin)