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KLR 025

Released December 2011

Dapper’s Delight

The recorder virtuoso Susanna Borsch, together with Adrian Brown on the anglo concertina take a new approach to music found along the historically ambiguous border between classic and folk music in 16th and 17th century England. As Dapper’s Delight, they present their enchanting arrangements of these timeless songs and invigorating melodies.

track list and excerpts:

1. Roast beef - Aye me or The Symphony - I love you more and more each day - Grim, King of ghosts - Jack Pudding (6:04)

2. Italian Dances: Ballo Francese - salterello, Ballo Anglese - salterello (3:58)

3. The Bucksome Lass of Westminster (5:39)

4. Laura, The fairest Nymph of the Valley, or Graysin mask (2:40)

5. Confesse his tune - Blew cap - I loath that I did love - Over the hills and far away - Ianthe the lovely (6:36)

6. Lock all Fast, or Secret Love (3:34)

7. Buggering Oats prepare thy neck - Farewell ungrateful traitor - The Scotch Haymakers - Sefautians farewell (4:18)

8. Hornpipe by Mr. Keene - Richmond - Hornpipe by Mr. Morgan (4:35)

9. Mal Sims (4:39)

10. Sybell Mr. Clarke - Forgive me if your looks I thought (3:28)

11. All in a Garden Green (4:39)

12. The True Lovers Knot Untied (6:21)

13. Old Molly Oxford (4:41)

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