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Released December 2014

Dapper’s Delight

Since 2009, Dapper’s Delight has won friends and admirers with their programmes of historical popular music played on the unlikely but earthy combination of recorder and concertina. While examining, exploiting and celebrating the multifarious ties between folk and early music, they created a personal approach that began with their debut CD Indoors. In this new collection of exhilarating dances, sensitive airs and timeless songs, Dapper’s Delight delivers a virtuosic and soulful exploration of music that once entertained both princes and peasants alike.

1. Castleton Garland Dance or Long Morris – Nobody’s Jig (3:04)
2. Robin Hood – Staines Morris (4:15)
3. Now is the Month of Maying – Month of May (3:25)
4. Thantik – The Anticke – Les Buffons - Shepherds’ Hey (Signposts) – Pantalone – Pickelharing (8:54)
5. Tobacco’s but an Indian Weed (2:55)
6. The Antic Dance – Buffoons – The Antic Dance – The Buffoon Dance/John Come Kiss Me Now (5:16)
7. Once I Loved a Maiden Fair – Lumps of Pudding (6:24)
8. Dance Suite from Apollo’s Banquet: A New Aire – Papse – Bore – Minuet – An Italian Ground (6:03)
9. Bathalia de 6o Tom (5:51)
10. The Female Souldier, or The Virgin Volunteer (4:48)
11. The Queenes Almayne: Teutscher Dantz – Almande Nonette (3:39)
12. No Man’s Jig (Sleight Sword Dance) (1:41)
13. A Great Big Shame (4:55)
14. There Ain’t Half Been Some Clever Bastards (2:44)
Total: 64:04