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Released October 2016

The Art of the Contrabassflute - LP
Ned McGowan

Despite its Brobdingnagian size and rich warm tone, the contrabass flute can be both agile and fragile. Driving counterpoints, wild improvisations, delicate phrases, firework rhythms, singing choirs and mysterious melodies show composer and performer Ned McGowan’s artistry in high gear. A large multi-movement work for six contrabass flutes, duos with piano and percussion and solo pieces explore the full beauty of this wonderful instrument.

Compositions by Ned McGowan:

Earthly Chants for six contrabass flutes
I. The Singing Wall 5:55
II. Om to the Killer B’s 7:58
III. Don’t Forget Everyday, Your Funky Prayers to Say 9:22

Benson Town for contrabass flute and mridangam 8:22
with B.C. Manjunath, mridangam

Wurgelguik for contrabass flute and live electronics
I. Rurubabatoto 4:40
II. Step on It Step by Step 3:14

and Adrienne Albert:
Winter’s Breath for contrabass flute and piano 4:24
with Keiko Shichijo, piano

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