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world, jazz

KLR 002

Released July 2005

Messing met PVC

Paximadi is not only the tooth cracking hard bread from Greece, but also the debut CD of new folk music from Messing met PVC featuring Martha Mavroidi. This versatile trio jams playfully through cracking hard dances, introspective ballads and fun improvisations, performing with plenty of warmth. Besides the wooing trumpet, special here are the heart stopping Bulgarian style singing and the two-meter tall contrabass flute, driving the grooves. This music is fun, rich, and evocative.

  1. Nanos Gijs Levelt 5:17
  2. Slaapgebrek Gijs Levelt 3:05
  3. Polyvinyl Chloride Ned McGowan 2:12
  4. Parasite Ned McGowan 5:57
  5. Rano mi e, more Trad. Bulgarian 3:35
  6. Mine Martha Mavroidi 5:27
  7. Son Gijs Levelt 5:24
  8. Alkaline Ned McGowan / Words: Martha Mavroidi 5:31
  9. Chajes Gijs Levelt 3:35
  10. Didem Gijs Levelt 5:16
  11. Solo Ned McGowan 1:14
  12. Barem sa ergen mamo nahodih Trad. Bulgarian 5:34
  13. Paximadi Martha Mavroidi 5:46
  14. Ademnood Gijs Levelt 2:24
  • Gijs Levelt trumpet
  • Ned McGowan PVC contrabass flute, flute
  • Martha Mavroidi voice, lafta, darbouka, frame drum, tuning fork