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modern, jazz

KLR 008

Released May 2006

Trio Koan

A koan is a riddle in the form of a paradox used in Zen Buddhism as an aid to meditation and a means of gaining spiritual awakening. The jazz trio Koan treats us to a musical awakening through their almost paradoxical variety of expressions. Recorded with all first takes, the tunes here display a constant rich interplay between the musicians, with fast dances, oblique pointillist melodies, wild outbursts of freedom, drum and bass grooves, soft primal moments and the occasional grunt. Koan is soulful,energetic, singing, and mysterious.

  1. tuz büyükberber 6:46
  2. morning and the old cheese büyükberber 6:28
  3. oda büyükberber 4:09
  4. ballad büyükberber 3:20
  5. koan 1 koan 6:53
  6. mountain trad. arr. by büyükberber 3:28
  7. zimt genenger 5:32
  8. wasser genenger 3:50
  9. koan 2 koan 4:43
  10. hugmynd kolli
  • Oguz Büyükberber bass clarinet, clarinet
  • Valdi Kolli double bass
  • Uli Genenger drums