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modern, jazz

KLR 011

Released May 2006

Ned McGowan

Known for its brutality and humor, the award winning Tools is featured on this compilation of chamber works by composer Ned McGowan. The other pieces, whether for solo flute, marimba duo, recorder and industrial machines or jazz ensemble with Indian percussion, reflect McGowan's deep and forceful expression, combined with great charm and wit. His extensive set of compositional tools is evident within the hushed flute melodies, virtuoso key slap solos, proportional, non-Western and Metal rhythms, dramatic silences, climactic voice solos, melodic tone rows, and orchestral chaos's. An exciting and evocative voice.

review by Guy Livingston
You can download now Ned's album from cdbaby.

  1. Tools (2003)
    Dual Track Grinder
    Wire Mesh
    Hole Punch
    Pneumatic Screed
    Pneumatic Screed Extension Handle
    Pneumatic Screed Extension Handle Cover
    Telescopic Ladder
    Stripped Hexnut 8:03
  2. Moonrise (1998) 10:36
  3. Urban Turban (2001) 8:11
  4. Alap (2005) 16:52
  5. Workshop (2004) 12:01
  6. Stone Soup (2001) 9:21
  • Tracks 1-9: Hexnut
  • Track 10: Ned McGowan flute
  • Track 11: Duo Vertigo
  • Track 12: Axyz Ensemble
  • Track 13: Susanna Borsch recorder
  • Track 14: Bhedam